What gets Degreased

Whenever possible, we degrease our finished T304 Stainless Steel Product. Serving as a final cleaning, our degreasing process eliminates any foreign material from the surface of our product. 


At Acme Wire Products LLC, we maintain an in-house decreasing department. One of the many ways that we invest in our clients, our in-house decreasing department reduces production cost and lead times.

Why Degreasing

Due to it's relatively low overhead and EPA compliance, establishing our in-house degreasing department was a no-brainer. Cutting anywhere from two days, to a whole week off of our lead time, we have been able to complete substantially large run operations in unheard of lead times such as 3-4 weeks. Saving money on large runs, and bringing down the cost of producing samples and first articles, this is just one way we re invest in our clients.