Cold Rolled Steel- 1008

Quality above all else, we use CRS 1008 plating quality material

When to Choose CRS 1008 Material

1008 Cold Rolled Steel can be refereed to as mild, low carbon steel. Primarily used in extruded, cold headed, cold upset, and cold pressed parts and forms. Due to its composition, and versatile application, it is most commonly considered as a cost effective alternative to our T304 Stainless Steel. 

Corrosion & Oxidation Resistance

1008 Cold Rolled Steel is not naturally corrosion or oxidation (rust) resistant. In many cases, for many applications, it is sent through a finishing process to preserve its integrity against the elements.

Form-Ability & Weld-Ability

1008 CRS displays an exceptionable forming and welding capacity. While easier to work with than our T304 Stainless Steel, it provides a cost effective alternative while maintaining our quality standards

Tensile Strength

Properties                                               Metric                              Imperial

Tensile strength                                      340 MPa                           49300 psi

Yield strength (depending on temper)     285 MPa                           41300 psi

Elastic modulus                                    190-210 Gpa                    27557-30458 ksi

Bulk modulus (typical for steel)              200 GPa                             29000 ksi