At Acme Wire Products LLC, we provide our clients with the wire solutions they need by designing and engineering personalized wire products for both long and short run operations. 


Our engineering and fabrication capabilities are met by the unparalleled expertise of our team, enabling Acme to be a highly adaptable resource for your diverse and ever-evolving needs. 

From concept to delivery, our experienced customer service team will be there to work with you through every step. Functioning not as a vendor, but as an extension of your company, our team will always be available to help bring your project to fruition and improve your bottom line. 


We service a wide variety of Clients.

With our niche being in the BBQ, Food Service, and Laboratory industries, we aim to provide an excellent product that will last a lifetime. We manufacture all types of wire products, from racks and guards, to grates and handles. 

Our parts are local. Our Legacy is global

Our parts are local. Our Legacy is global


We realize that you have a choice when it comes to selecting a wire vendor; these are just some of the reasons to choose Acme Wire Products LLC. 


Results, Results, Results

"You are not judged by the effort you put in, but by the results you yield" 

We pride ourselves in being a full service vendor. As a full service vendor we believe it is our responsibility to over deliver and surpass expectations- every time. There will always be issues and obstacles, as our customer your only worry should be deciding on how many pieces to order at one time. 

Vendor Managed Inventory

EAU, Blanket Orders, Infinity Purchase Order-

However you wish to manage; we keep sufficient inventory on hand to prepare for the peaks and valleys. With an industry standard lead time of 6 weeks, our distribution warehouse holds product on hand, ready to go at a moment’s notice, giving us an unparalleled lead time advantage.

Incomparable Quality Standards

We believe that the only thing more important than the quality of our product is the safety of our product-

We deburr all sharp edges and weld marks to ensure our product is safe to handle by anyone. We use strictly CRS 1008 Plating Quality material, and T304 SS. With a return rate of .02% of our total parts, our highly trained staff and experienced apparatus allow us to provide the Crème de la crème of the wire industry to our customers. 


Low Risk Procurement

Achieving reliability and consistency is a top priority-

We understand that there is a certain degree of mutual dependency between vendors and customers. Our blanket order programs and EAU research ensures that we carry sufficient stock in the event of a business surge

Engineering, Product Design, & Consulting

We do what we do, and we do it well-

We realize that sometimes designing a new product can be a cumbersome task. Focusing on lean production, our design engineers have helped all of our clients improve lead times and reduce cost by designing simple-yet efficient wire forms: you can expect sound product that will last a life time. Our engineers understand the value of lead times, because of this we offer Design Consulting, where our engineers spend the necessary time with the unit to ensure we design a wire form that surpasses all expectations. 

Capital Market Research

Knowing when to stock material- and how much- can make all the difference in the world, and it does-

We purchase material in a way that allows us to receive very favorable pricing, those savings we pass directly to our customers. No matter where the market is, you can expect significant savings on material. 

Turnkey Packaging, Kitting, & Assembly

Your focus should be on the promotion of your product-

That is why we offer packaging solutions, from bulk packaging to retail, and everything in between. Partnerships with select packaging vendors allows us to receive better pricing on custom packaging- those saving we pass directly on to you.


Check out some of the videos we've made. 

Promo of our shop and some of our capabilities
When design, experience, and ingenuity come together, we can achieve anything. Here is an example of how our team can collaborate to improve our process.
We've had some rotary straight and cut machines for a while now. Bought a new one and the difference is night and day.
Just a short look at some of the new capabilities we have
Our operators getting the hang of the Trumph Press Break.
Our new CNC wire former form AIM Industries in Addison Illinois.